What is GoFETCh?

GoFETCh is a customer data platform that allows you to utilise your customer data to better understand your customers and create meaningful customer experiences. 

But, GoFETCh is far more than just a piece of software… 

It is also a data-driven-marketing methodology that allows you to simplify your complex data challenges and unlock the true potential of your customer data.


How it works

Imagine not having to import and export your data manually, transfer files or manage multiple spreadsheets…

GoFETCh acts as your virtual data assistant by automatically collecting and organising your data from across your business. It creates a comprehensive single view of every customer and distributes your data to where you need it most. It also empowers your team to harness the power of personalisation and target your customers with precision.

Features include:

Unified Data

Unified Data

Easy access to all of your customer data from various data sources in one place.

Data Modelling

Data Modelling

Clean, validate and enrich your inbound customer data automatically.



Access a comprehensive overview of every customer and a timeline of every interaction.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Numerous methods to connect with your customer data sources and systems.

Data Distribution

Data Distribution

Distribute clean and valid data to your CRM, PMS & Email Marketing systems of choice.



BI and AI to deliver actionable data-driven insights directly to your team.

Your complex customer data simplified


GoFETCh in action

Deliver a personalised and meaningful customer experience with a GoFETCh solution that will:

  1. Keep your data clean and up to date
  2. Empower your team with easy access to data they need
  3. Profile your customers and identify risks and opportunities
  4. Grow your marketing audience automatically
  5. Automate & target your marketing messages
  6. Deliver actionable data-driven insights to your fingertips
  7. Measure your marketing ROI from first contact to sale

Our Promise

gofetch Compliance


Assist you to become GDPR and POPI compliant.

gofetch Security


Security standards and feature that ensure that your data remains safe.

gofetch Hosting


A scalable and flexible hosting infrastructure that is geared to your needs.

gofetch Simplicity


Simple interface and controls that are built for non-technical users.

gofetch Modular Approach

Modular Approach

Activate new modules and features as you need them.

gofetch High-Touch Support

High-Touch Support

A dedicated Professional Services team that understands your needs.

Empower your operational, marketing and sales teams


Word on the Wire

See who’s converted their big data into big business with GoFETCh, and what they have to say:

Richard Laburn

Head of Digital – Londolozi

Seamless and simple, GoFETCh has radically transformed the power and potential of our datasets for practical use in the marketing environment.  Underpinned by breath-taking data processing capabilities, GoFETCh is one of the few companies that can truly consolidate a single customer view from multiple entry points allowing us to reimagine our customer relationships through digital channels.

Sally Acton

MD – Torque Solutions

“The seamless addition of GoFETCh to both our Customer and Employee experience solutions has allowed us to offer an incredibly targeted and personalised approach to large data stacks for our clients like Flight Centre and Massmart. GoFETCh’s modular approach has provided us with great flexibility and has allowed my team to free up countless hours that were previously spent manually cleaning and organising data so that they can focus on what really drives value for our clients.”

Clive Battell

CEO – Seasons In Africa

“As a premier tourism and marketing management company, it is imperative that our Sales Team, our Hotels & Lodges as well as our Head Office can access and update our database efficiently from a variety of platforms. GoFETCh has simplified and streamlined this access through an intuitive interface which ensures that our data is uniform, clean and up to date at all times.”

Arshad Mahomed

Catalyst – Social IP

“GoFETCh gave me a lot of my life back by being able to automate according to my requirements rules that govern the inbound data. This has reduced the time taken monthly drastically and really has been more than just a dream come true and I’m sure any IT, Media or web developers are going to feel exactly the way I do. Truly innovative and necessary.”

Ross Bowers

Marketing Manager – The Royal Portfolio

“The GoFETCh Data Centre is ideal for our business objectives. It enables us to segment and target key markets and ultimately better understand our guests. Their professionalism, friendliness, reliability and responsiveness have made them a pleasure to deal with.”


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