About GoFETCh?

Our purpose has always centred around customer experience. From servicing CRM software for over 400 businesses to targeting more than 3 million marketing-automation emails a month, it’s safe to say that we understand the importance of customer data. 

With much frustration, we searched for a smart solution to go fetch and organise customer data, but, to no avail. So, we chose to build the perfect solution ourselves. GoFETCh was launched as a Minimum Viable Product in 2017 and quickly progressed into a successful and sought after solution.

Today, our goal is to master the art of simplifying complex customer data challenges by developing data processes, modules and features that are intuitive and add real value to our clients. 

We also have a technology partner network that provides us with scalability and the flexibility to cater for unique applications, custom development and dedicated support requirements. We are proud of the active solutions we have in place for the following Industries:






Employee experience

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